competency test (ct)

A competency test is conducted when the applicant has Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).

Yes you will. The knowledge test is the same for all rigid licence upgrades whether you are tested by tfNSW or by an HVCBA assessor. Click here for more information on the drivers knowledge tests

Any applicant that is applying for a licence class no higher than a heavy rigid who has Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

You will need to perform all 13 criteria set out in your HVCBA guide book that you will receive after you complete your drivers knowledge test. Click here for more information on the criteria that will be required to show competence.

There is a 30 minute familiarisation with the vehicle being used. There is also approximately about 30 minutes of out of vehicle criteria assessment. Finally there will be a driving test that takes up to 2 hours to perform.

Yes you can but there are strict rules regarding the type of vehicle and vehicle configurations. Contact us if you require further information