So what do you do now?

If you have questions about what to do next, the following is a general overview as to how to obtain a licence upgrade. Contact us for further information.

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  • Choose what licence you want to get and check your eligibility
  • Practice the DKT online here


  • Applying for HVCBA

If you choose to obtain your licence through HVCBA, you’ll need to go to a registry or service centre in person and:

You’ll then be issued with a Heavy Vehicle HVCBA Learner’s Log Book, and the Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment publication. The Guide outlines the tasks you need to perform to complete the training course and the assessment. Your progress is recorded in your log book – see HVCBA Learner’s Log Book for more information.You can then Contact us and arrange to attend training.


Further information can be found on the RMS website here