Frequently asked questions

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An eye test is required when you receive your student logbook. A new eye test will be required every 6 months if you have not upgraded your licence in the period your student logbook is valid.

We provide automatic vehicles (this will put a B condition restriction on your licence) & we also provide road ranger (manual) vehicles.

The minimum requirements are between 5 and 8 hours depending on the class of licence you require. As everyone learns at a different pace, some students may require more training.

Yes. There is a final assessment after the training has been completed. It is a tfNSW requirement that your instructor cannot be the same person that performs the final assessment. We provide the assessor that will conduct your final assessment.

Please bring your learners logbook, your licence, something to drink and wear some comfortable shoes like sneakers.

We accept cash, direct bank transfer, paypal or Stripe (credit cards)*

*Fees apply

You will need to go to your nearest RMS (tfNSW) service centre & have your learners logbook changed to the logbook you want to attempt. For example you have an MR logbook but would like to attempt HR.  tfNSW will charge you a fee for the change of mind but you will not have to redo the rigid DKT.

The driving part of the training is one on one but some of the “out of truck” training may be done in a group situation.

Yes there is. You can elect to undergo a Competency test where no training is provided and you have to demonstrate all 13 criteria detailed in your guide book.**

**Only applies to LR, MR, HR

A “CT” (Competency Test) is a test of your previous knowledge of the 13 criteria set out in your guide. If you can demonstrate competency in all 13 criteria and successfully pass the final assessment, you may not need to do the entire course. You are eligible for this with LR, MR and HR only.

* Strict conditions apply

No you don’t. There will be a rebooking fee to do the final assessment only.

The minimum wait time is an hour so usually the retest can be performed the same day

No. After your training you will be tested by an accredited RMS assessor which we provide

Yes you can. There are strict conditions that have to be met if you choose to do so. We provide vehicles specifically setup to provide the training and assessment that is required.

Your student logbook and your DKT validity will expire after 3 years.

It is more indirect than direct. The short answer is yes, but you will need to undergo the entire HC licencing course first before you can be trained and assessed in a MC vehicle. It will be conducted over at least a 2 day period.